Introduced in 2008, the Evolution of Balance Award is an bi-annual grant awarded by Kris Holm Unicycles and co-sponsors to support riders seeking non-competitive mountain unicycling adventures in remote places around the world.

Kris Holm

Kris Holm is one of the world’s most experienced and best-known mountain unicyclists. He is considered to be one of the early mountain unicycling pioneers, the founder of competitive unicycle trials and committed to supporting independent free-riding. Read more about Kris →

Kris Holm Unicycles

Kris Holm Unicycles (KHU) was founded in 1999 as an expansion of Kris' personal need for unicycles designed to withstand the famously difficult trails of the Vancouver North Shore. Initially a small niche operation serving a handful of hardcore riders, KHU now offers a full line of unicycles and components through a dealer network in over 15 countries. Read more about the company →

The Grant

The award winner receives the following: